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Welcome to our website!

The Heath area of Cardiff is a pleasant place to live and The Heath Residents’ Association was set up to protect the local environment and amenities, involve and represent the views of the residents on matters of local concern. Our remit is to stand up against whatever threatens to diminish the enjoyment of living here.

Meeting regularly with the Hospital Authorities, we try to alleviate the awful parking and traffic problems, and new building work on their site is monitored by us to ensure problems are quickly reported.
The future of Heath Park is of concern and we are working hard to try and ensure that no further developments spoil this very special place. Much of the Park has now been rededicated, but some areas have been left in limbo, and there are still problems to be resolved. 
Residents parking permits are being abused by some out-of-area drivers who are using them for all-day parking while working locally. We have set up a co-operation with the police and ourselves. Members who subscribe to the email version of of our Newsletter can also be quickly alerted by email of crime taking place in the Heath.
Our Question and Answer evenings in the Heath Citizens Hall have proved very popular, when residents have  the opportunity to meet face to face local politicians, police and UHW representatives.
Membership Information

By joining the Heath Residents Association local residents can add strength to its campaigns to protect the quality of life and property values in the area. The more members we have, the more impact we can bring to bear in discussions with those officials who are able to bring about positive changes to the area.

Membership of The Heath Residents Association costs only £3 per household per annum.
To join up please contact our official Email address:- 


(Please ensure the Email subject is "Membership")

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