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    Disposal of Land at 
    Heath Park

    On Thursday 10th April, 2014 Cardiff Council’s cabinet made a decision not to dispose of land at Heath Park for the extension of the railway belonging to Cardiff Model Engineering Society. 

    However, the decision was called in by local ward councillor Fenella Bowden who had a number of issues with the decision. This meant the decision was put before the scrutiny committee who would decide whether or not it would need to go back to cabinet for further discussion. Councillors Hinchey and Hudson argued against this course of action being strongly in favour of upholding the decision not to dispose of the land. 

    The Scrutiny committee were UNANIMOUS in their decision NOT TO REFER BACK TO THE CABINET.

    This means the decision stands!!!

    There is no doubt that the support given in objecting to this proposal had a major influence on the decision.  Objections were received by way of 77 letters, 432 individual emails, 1252 signatures on a petition and 456 entries on an ipetition whilst supporting the application was 3 letters and 1 email.
    We would like to thank you all for your magnificent help in this matter because without you this would not have been possible.
    As well thanking  Cllrs. Graham Hinchey, Cllr. Lyn Hudson for their support our gratitude must also go to Jonathan Evans MP and Julie Morgan AM  for the help they have given.
    It is hoped that this will now protect Heath Park,not only for our generation, but for many generations to come.
    You will see from the above the power that a collective community can bring to a matter of concern so, if you have not forwarded your membership application, please do so now.

    Many thanks,  
    John Jones  
    (Chairman on behalf of the committee of HRA)

    April 2014 Once Threatened area

    Regeneration of Caerphilly Road
    In our recent newsletter we outlined the proposals for this project stating that a survey would be carried out via our website. We are awaiting the final draft of the survey and as soon as we receive it in will be included on this page.