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Heath park - electrical infrastructure works

We are due to commence works next week (7th Sept.) on the installation of a replacement electrical main supply to the facilities in the park and the new sub main supply to the tennis court floodlighting.  The principle contractor for the works are Lorne Stewart.  Works are expected to take 4-5 weeks to complete.

Jonathan Green CMLI

Parks Planning Manager / Rheolwr Cynllunio Parciau

Parks Development / Datblygu Parciau


Re: Black Wheeled Bin Exchange- beginning 7th September 2015

Do residents need to do anything different?

No. Residents can continue to place out their black wheeled bin, on their correct collection day/week. These are not changing, and dates can be found at www.cardiff.gov.uk/recycling.

This exchange will happen on collection day.  Therefore residents just need to put their waste out as normal.  After the waste has been collected, the bins will be exchanged.

If residents do not present their waste on the day that exchange is due to take place, their property will be revisited to exchange at a later date. We will be able to identify these properties, as all new bins will be stickered with a yellow address label.

Recycling and food waste collection services remain weekly, and free to participate.

Additional bags placed around bins will not be collected, and residents could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100.

Larger Families of 6 +

Properties of 6 residents or above can request to keep their 240L black bin. They will need to register as a larger family urgently, so that we can ensure their bin is not exchanged.

If their bin is exchanged before the request is processed, we will be able to return their 240L bin at a later date.


Individual property assessments

If a resident is concerned that they will not be able to manage with a smaller bin because of their own individual circumstances, we will be able to arrange a property assessment. These will be prioritised in the order that bins are being exchanged.

All individual circumstances will be considered, but properties will need to evidence that they make full use of the weekly recycling and food waste services.

Hygiene Waste Collection Service

The hygiene waste collection is for the collection of nappies, incontinence waste and associated changing waste (cotton wool etc.).  These bags are not for the disposal of catheters or stoma bags.

Hygiene bags are collected the week alternating to general waste collection.

Residents will be encouraged to sign up to this service where required, before requests to retain a larger bin are considered.

Additional Waste Collections

Bulky waste collections are available for larger items e.g. sofas, beds, wardrobes etc. These are chargeable at £12.50 for up to 2 items. Residents can arrange a maximum of 6 items to be collected.

Alternatively, if residents would like to have a 1 off clearance of an accumulation of bags, you can arrange a one off clearance through the Commercial Waste Team. There will be a minimum payment of £10 which covers the clearance of 5 bags. Each additional bag will cost £1.85. You need to request this service through the Commercial Waste Team c.services@cardiff.gov.uk or (029) 2071 7501 and they will be able to provide a quote.

Education and Communication

All properties affected will be receiving a letter and leaflet through their door. These are scheduled for a phased delivery, so the final leaflets will not be delivered until October.

We are able to offer individual education sessions with households, or alternatively if you would like our Waste Strategy Team to arrange a group talk, or attend a community event, please let us know.

For further advice, or if a resident would like to register for any services listed, they will need to visit the website www.cardiff.gov.uk/recycling or contact Connect2Cardiff on 2087 2087 or C2C@cardiff.gov.uk. Please do not ask residents to contact the waste strategy team directly, as their request for service needs to formally tracked.

We hope the above has been useful, and would appreciate this information being circulated through your networks.

Yours sincerely

Waste Strategy Team

The City of Cardiff Council



Heath & Birchgrove NPT will be running a community day at Maes-Y-Coed Community Centre on Saturday 12th September 2015 between 12pm & 4pm. This is a free family event and will have stalls, activities, raffle etc.  

All proceeds from the day will be donated to the community centre to fund future projects.

Go to "LOCAL EVENTS" for more details.



This is a copy of the objection sent to Cllr. Bob Derbyshire on behalf of the HRA:

Heath  Residents, Association wish to register their objection to the closure of the Recycling Centre at Wedal Road, Heath, Cardiff.
Whilst realising that the Council have to make stringent cuts due to the lack of funding it strongly felt that the recycling centre, as a useful resource, far outweighs the savings that would be made.
There is no doubt that people from all areas of Cardiff use this facility on a daily basis and on many days is over subscribed. 
We would encourage all people to recycle their home rubbish in a sensible manner so that only those items that cannot be recycled go into landfill. This facility allows this to be done and for people to be educated in what can be recycled. Should this facility close there will be no less rubbish so what is going to happen to it?
Yes, there are facilities in other parts of the City which are some distance from the North of Cardiff. Living in the Heath we have some  wonderful parks and woodland areas. Are these going to be used for fly tipping which is not a problem at the moment. 
No doubt an argument will be put forward about the adjoining residential properties but it must be borne in mind that the tip has been there for many more years than the houses and residential care home and if there had been environmental concerns then surely the Cardiff Council would not have allowed the development of these sites.
Cars will have to travel further causing congestion and increased pollution. It would perhaps be better, if it is necessary to move this particular site, to consider options in the North of the City where another centre could be sited. Thought should also be given to more service centres e.g. at supermarkets.
 Chairman and Committee of Heath Residents' Association

Police Alert

Information for Heath/Birchgrove residents


During the early hours of Saturday 18th July,  9 vehicles in the Heath area were entered and property stolen from some of them. 

Each of these vehicles had been left insecure and unlocked overnight 

Numerous avenues of investigation are ongoing regarding these incidents

Please ensure that you are vigilant with your security arrangements, and ensure that all vehicle doors/ windows are locked overnight.


If you see any suspicious persons then please telephone 101 or 02920 222111 (or 999 if a crime is being committed) . We would rather attend and speak to an innocent person, than not attend and fail to catch a criminal.  


Thank You


PC 3498 Nigel Close

Heath Neighbourhood Police Officer

Llanishen Police Station

Date and Time: October 5, 2015 - 7:15 pm
Venue: Heath Community Centre, Jubilee Gardens

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