The area covered will be from the Eastern by pass to Maes Y Coed Road and from Caerphilly Road to the Railway line that runs from Heath to Cardiff Central.

Areas of the residential parking have been released to allow limited time parking.

This has been done mainly where there are no houses e.g. there are  long side walls but no house fronts.

Also Introducing new areas of residential parking and/or restricted time parking in areas closest to the shops will be considered This would allow people visiting the shops to park for short periods of time; in some instances 2 hours, thus helping to keep a vibrant shopping area and encourage more shops to open bringing variety to the area.

Car Park Arrangements in Heath Park
Adrian Jones (Team Leader, Parks Development) has distributed a letter on new Car Park charges in the Park. You can read the letter in full by Clicking here

Briefly, the arrangements are as follows

  • the 'Model Railway Car Park' and the 'Heathwood Lane Car Park' will be designated short stay car parks with a maximum stay in any single period of 3 hours. The charges will be: up to 2 hours - no charge (a ticket still has to be displayed for this period); up to 3 hours - £1.  No return within 2 hours.
  • the Main Park will have the following charging structure: up to 2 hours - free; up to 3 hours - £1; over 3 hours - £3; no return within 2 hours. A number of short stay bays will be provided around the edge of the car park nearest the play area and playing fields, which will have a maximum permitted stay of 3 hours.
The regulations will apply from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday - Friday inclusive, except Christmas day.